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    Block Party Anyone? | 📷 @harrisonom @gtr_magtron #StanceNation

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    Attention Grabber

    I wonder what the world thought when they saw this car in 1990

  4. Think it’s about time for this beard to go I’m not sure just yet

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    Nothing like wet tripping out of the hole on a hot summer day. I do miss this some days. Most days I’m glad to be in the MWD trailer playing PS4 tho while the hands work the floor. The good life.

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    Cork and Pig Tavern


    @flatlander40 photography

    Sucks that Allen isn’t GM anymore…no more free food ):

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    I Started a new project about the oil boom in my native West, Texas last week. Didn’t really shoot many photos but met a lot of great people and i’m excited to go back in a month or so and really dig in. I got a serious education and learned a lot of unexpected things about the process. 


  8. In one ear and out the other…


    When the company man comes into the directional shack and starts sharing new ideas for how to make hole faster… image

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  9. how often do I still cross your mind

  10. Hard to grasp that just a year ago I was still roughnecking. Blood sweat and tears day in and day out. Getting splashed with brine water, covered in oil. Hanging hundreds of feet in the air working on heavy machinery in awkward positions. Mixing hundred pound sacks of gel in the worst weather though all hours of the night and day. I wouldn’t change any of it. I’m glad for all that I learns from it, my rig experience and downhole knowledge is what got my foot in the door to my directional career. Without it I wouldn’t be where I am at today, and I enjoy where I am at today as an MWD engineer. Never thought engineer would be a title that would represent me. I am grateful for the position I am in now but I know that I cannot get comfortable. I still have much to learn and places to see and people to meet. Everyday is a step forward.